What some of the most inspiring anime women can teach us on #InternationalWomensDay
8 Mar 2018 - 4:21 PM  UPDATED 8 Mar 2018 - 4:22 PM

Akane, Psycho-Pass

Akane’s strong sense of justice and judgement teaches us to always stay true to our morals. When Akane discovers the true form of the Sibyl System, she acknowledges to put her prejudice aside and accept its role in society. At the same time, she values a truly just criminal system by being unable to kill the murderer Makishima as she witnesses him kill her best friend. Her development from a naive and idealistic young investigator to full-fledged rational detective is inspiring, as is her resilient ability to maintain a healthy Psycho-Pass despite all of the traumatic events she’s experienced.

Saber, Fate/Zero

Saber is a heroic knight whose journey teaches us to be courageous, determined and loyal. Her true identity as King Arthur tells us that women can be exceptional legendary warriors. In both Holy Grail Wars Saber is determined to win but admits she will never put her chivalry on the line, even when she faces another servant from her past. Underneath her cold and shy personality is a kind-hearted and gentle person who is driven and protective of those around her.

Yuu, Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun

Yuu’s loudmouth and dramatic personality inspires us to be bold and different. Her tall androgynous appearance and flirtatious attitude towards women tells women they don’t have to conform to specific understandings of femininity: you can wear whatever you want and identify as whatever. You do you!

Misato, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Misato teaches us to maintain professionalism at work, even if your home life is incredibly laidback. During her work as NERV’s Operations Director, Misato is calculative and capable, eventually promoted from Captain to Major and admired by her staff. As Shinji’s and Asuka’s parental guardian, she puts their lives first above the mission, arguing with Ritsuko over whether to sacrifice any of the teen EVA pilots. As Misato learns the truth behind the Human Instrumentality Project, she becomes more protective of the teens, and goes against the entire NERV system, sparking a revolution from within. In her final moments, Misato also acts very motherly towards Shinji, sacrificing herself while giving him the very pendant her father gave her.

Faye, Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine teaches us to feel loved and find a place where you belong. After joining the Bebop, Faye acts distant towards her companions, Jet and Spike, and on many occasions, tries to flee the ship frightened by her affection towards them. Throughout the series, she is shown to have a deep emotional vulnerability stemming from her memory disorder, and tries to hide it from others through a thick wall of sarcasm and one-dimensional feminine charm. Eventually she learns to accept the Bebop as her home and cherishes the relationship she has with each of them, as powerfully explained when Faye desperately tries to convince Spike to stay with the Bebop and not fight Vicious to the death.

Usagi, Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon teaches us to always stand up for others and never give up. While she’s always hungry, complains and has an immaturity, her compassion and empathy towards those in need - in and out of her Sailor Scout uniform - is what makes her an incredible role model. Her development from a lazy emotionally driven character, to gradually gaining confidence and learning to make decisions on her own is a wonderful coming of age tale. By the end of the series, Usagi transforms into a strong confident woman and leader of the Sailor Senshis, willing to fight for her friends and the universe.

Chihiro Ogino, Spirited Away

Ten-year-old Chihiro’s personal coming of age journey in the Spirit World not only inspires us to be more mature but is what makes Spirited Away so special. Chihiro begins her adventure in the spirit world as a shy, easily-scared young girl with a naive childlike personality. As she explores more of her surroundings and meets others, she begins to mature into a hard-working and brave individual. To protect her friends and save her family, she overcomes many obstacles, shedding her former personality and adapting to her surroundings to become a strong courageous young girl.

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