Get to know the group everyone's talking about!
3 Apr 2018 - 3:18 PM  UPDATED 3 Apr 2018 - 3:18 PM

Stray Kids are a group formed by JYP Entertainment from a reality survival show with the same name in 2017. They have recently made their successful debut with "District 9" and industry experts say they have the potential to be the next BTS in the future.

Let’s get to know the Stray Kids!

1. Bang Chan was born in Sydney, Australia and his nicknames include Kangaroo and Koala. 

2. Woojin was once a former SM Entertainment trainee and was training to be in NCT. (He’s friends with NCT U’s Jungwoo)

3. Lee Know was actually eliminated in the fourth episode of Stray Kids but was once again added to the group in episode nine.

4. Changbin is a fan of dark things including horror movies although he can’t sleep without his Munchlax Pokémon plush toy. 

5. Hyunjin is the hardest member to wake up and can’t eat carrots, onions or eggplant.

6. Han used to live and study in Malaysia and his role model is Block B’s Zico.

7. Felix was also born in Sydney, Australia and he thinks his charm point is his freckles. (Two Australians in this group? I’m already a fan!)

8. Seungmin is a morning person and enjoys waking up early and cooking fried eggs. (Hyungjin must like waking up late with fried eggs ready ha!)

9. I.N is the youngest member of the group born February 8, 2001. He is a little clumsy and his special ability is that he’s able to sing trot.


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