Time to speculate on what is happening with the group
3 Apr 2018 - 3:55 PM  UPDATED 3 Apr 2018 - 3:55 PM

As a general rule of thumb, one should be highly skeptical of everything that gets posted online on April 1. So when BABYMETAL teased a big announcement on April Fool’s Day, you wouldn’t be blamed for being a bit skeptical of what was to come. Yet April 1 is also Fox Day, a holiday far too important for the pop-meets-metal trio and their fans. So the news is probably legit. Next question is...what is the news, exactly? Watch the teaser video below.

The first half of the video is pretty boilerplate stuff from the group, including grandiose sentences such as “BABYMETAL transcends dimensions of time and space, as well as the body and mind, as it is a legend about the CHOSEN ONE with a metal spirit, who travels across the metal galaxies.” Epic stuff, but common wording you’d see if you attend one of the trio’s live shows. It goes on, seemingly setting the stage for an announcement, and then the words “Metal Resistance Episode VII” pop up. Alright, so far so BABYMETAL.

Then a new voice comes in talking about light and darkness. “Until now, we have only experienced the light side, the legend of three metal spirits,” the narrator booms, talking about — I presume — the trio making up BABYMETAL. “An unknown dark side also exists.” And that side features seven metal spirits. “A new era is about to begin.” Alright, sure!

This is all the information fans have at the moment, and BABYMETAL have thus far not revealed anything else (though they are also putting out a CD and Blu-ray set, but that’s unrelated). That means it’s time for speculation!

One of the more popular theories floating around out there — and the one I personally would bet on — is that this “seven member” thing refers to the group’s Kami Band. Perhaps they are being nudged more into the spotlight and expanding in size. Others, though, think it could refer to more members of BABYMETAL proper, or possibly some sort of sister group. As you’d expect, this theory is divisive among fans!

Or maybe it’s a long-playing April Fool’s joke. Time will tell... but the world will probably know soon, as BABYMETAL start a new world tour in May. Stay tuned for updates.


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