She's given almost $50,000 AUD to an ALS foundation.
6 Apr 2018 - 1:57 PM  UPDATED 6 Apr 2018 - 1:57 PM

Girls' Generation's  Seohyun is known for her charitable work, but it turns out that the 26-year-old has been giving back privately in addition to her public philanthropy.

This week, the Seungil Hope Foundation, which helps people suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), revealed that Seohyun has donated 40 million won ($49,000 AUD) over the years to a fund to build a hospital for the patients.

In a blog post, the foundation wrote: "We have been asked not to reveal that she has been donating, but we wanted to share some of her good works with the world."

Last year, it was revealed that Seohyun had donated 30 million won ($36,000 AUD) to victims of the Pohang earthquake.

It's so heartwarming to hear about all the good work Seohyun is doing in the world!

[Via Soompi]


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