Imagine any of this happening to you
12 Apr 2018 - 5:25 PM  UPDATED 17 Apr 2020 - 12:55 PM

Ever dreamt about your favourite idol waiting for you at the bus stop? Or maybe walking into your workplace and taking you out to dinner? 

Well it's happened, and we found some of the best moments of idols surprising fans. Which one is your favourite?

1. EXO

They surprised an entire school and got on stage to perform and play games

2. GOT7

They surprised unsuspecting fans who were taking a GOT7 quiz


Imagine going to the convenience store and Monsta X are just... there

4. iKON's Bobby

Imagine going on a chicken and beer date with the idol rapper. One fan did!

5. GFriend

The girl group popped into this dancing duo's busking video


ATEEZ surprised some people watching their music videos - good thing they all loved the music!


They joined a group of schoolboys dancing to their song "I Like That"

8. VIXX's N

He surprised a girl at her beauty school, got matching manicures and gave her a 1 on 1 fansign moment

9. BTS

But who was really surprised in this video, BTS or the fans??

10. NU'EST's JR

He met a fan at a bus stop and took her to a cat cafe

11. Block B's P.O

He gave a fan a piggyback ride home from work and his jacket!

12. Henry

He recreated a school date with a hardworking fan, and he even met up with her again after the show!

13. IU

She appeared at a fan's wedding and sang to the happy couple

14. HyunA

HyunA worked as a part-time barista, surprising strangers and fans alike!


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