Pace yourselves, this is a marathon, not a sprint
17 Apr 2018 - 11:55 AM  UPDATED 10 Apr 2019 - 11:01 AM

BTS' Map of the Soul: Persona  is set to be released on Friday 12 April and we know both new and seasoned ARMYs are feeling a lot.

If you're a long-time BTS fan then you know how it all goes down, but if it's your first time with BTS...

... then here's some tips to get you ready for the coming emotional upheavals

1. Watch all the reality shows

You've got to be on top of all the memes after all. There's so much to enjoy too, whether it's the weekly laughs in Run BTS!, the holiday amusements of Bon Voyage, sooo many V Lives, or the serious side of their careers in the YouTube Red series Burn The Stage.

2. Get dancing

Your body needs to be in peak condition to enjoy this comeback - there's going to be late nights and long listens after all. What better way to get ready than by nailing the choreo on their previous songs. By the time you've got the "DNA" dance down pat, the new comeback has arrived.

3. Listen to the albums in order, beginning to end

Look, any fan will have done this more than once, but this is a commitment. BTS have released a lot in a short time and their sound has changed a fair bit from their hip-hop heavy debut. 

4. Dive into their solo work

The entire rap line have each released a mixtape now (RM has two!), and we're still holding onto the dream of "Cypher 5" revealing itself somehow, so what better time to get acquainted with their individual rhyming skills. Whether you choose to include "Expensive Girl" is very much your call.

5. Enjoy all the video clips

There's prologues, epilogues, live concert footage, 7-minute epic art films. And you must watch them all.

6. Set up those alerts

We've all fallen victim to the stealth BTS announcement. You go to sleep feeling safe, you awake to the internet on fire. Save yourself and get those notifications on your phone.

7. Give up on sleep

Accept it. This is who you are now.


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