They also tease some other news, but you still have to try to figure that one out for yourself
2 May 2018 - 11:23 AM  UPDATED 2 May 2018 - 11:23 AM

Sure, the more BABYMETAL the better, but does this group ever take a week off from making waves in the J-pop community? Less than a week ago, the metal-meets-idol trio revealed they had a new line of clothes on the way, and not long before that they were sharing the news they had a graphic novel in the works, too. Now comes two more announcements — one concrete, the other cryptic.

First, the bigger of the two announcements — BABYMETAL is starting their own record label in the United States, called BABYMETAL RECORDS. The J-pop group is teaming up with American company 5B Artist Management and Records and Cooking Vinyl for this effort. While nothing further has been announced, the news implies that they are trying to make a bigger push in the North American market, and this partnership probably helps them navigate one of the major slipping points of all non-Western acts trying to make inroads in the States — actually getting their music to fans who want to buy it.

That news came around in the morning, and to close out Tuesday BABYMETAL posted a tweet elaborating on the whole “seven member” thing they teased a while back. Read the tweet below, but don’t expect anything approaching closure.

Early analysis — sounds like the “Chosen Seven” will be a staple of their upcoming live shows. I’d guess they are either bringing out guests or — with the whole not-the-same-dimension bit — are doing some sort of hologram trick. But that’s pure speculation, and only time will tell what this all means.

Anyway...I assume the next news from BABYMETAL will be about new music, right?


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