Get to know the PENTAGON boys!
16 May 2018 - 1:49 PM  UPDATED 16 May 2018 - 1:49 PM

PENTAGON are CUBE Entertainment’s latest boy group, debuting through survival show Pentagon Maker in 2016. Since then PENTAGON has gone on to win New Artist of the Year at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards with their popularity steadily increasing.

Here's some more facts about the rising K-pop group!

1. Hui is the leader and is known to be an amazing songwriter. He composed Wanna One’s debut track “Energetic” with fellow member Wooseok which was well-received by the public.

2. Jinho won the SM Everysing Contest 2008 beating out current EXO member Xiumin who came in second place. He made his debut as a part of SM Entertainment’s boy project SM The Ballad before moving onto CUBE Entertainment.

3. Hongseok spent his childhood moving from San Diego, Singapore and China. He’s able to speak three languages: English, Korean and Chinese.

4. E’Dawn wanted to become a zookeeper growing up but is scared of water because he can’t swim. (I guess he planned on taking care of the land animals)

5. Shinwon is a huge fan of eating McDonalds. He especially loves to eat hamburgers. (He might be the next face of McDonalds haha)

6. Yeo One has appeared in a couple of music videos including G.NA’s “Secret” and former BEAST member Dongwoon’s “KIMISHIKA”. (He’s also a great swimmer, maybe he can teach E’Dawn a few things)

7. Yanan comes from China and before he passed his audition for CUBE he was going to become an air steward.

8. Yuto is a former JYP trainee from Japan. He was also quite sporty in the past, playing baseball for 6 years and soccer for 2 years. (He’s definitely the athletic one of the group!)

9. Kino is known as a dance machine. He’s able to imitate girl group dances as well as create choreography for the group.

10. Wooseok is the youngest member of the group. He likes to watch anime and dislikes eating cucumbers.

11. Hui and E’Dawn are in the subunit Triple H with HyunA. (Not to be confused with the WWE wrestler of the same name!) 

12. Jinho is an incredible singer, but he’s also a talented rapper although he doesn’t rap for the group. (Maybe we’ll see him rap on some tracks in the near future!)

13. Hongseok was a former contestant on MIX&MATCH, YG Entertainment’s survival show which created WINNER and iKON.

14. E’Dawn is known to have a 4D personality meaning his personality is a little unique. (He’s always interesting to watch!)

15. Shinwon is afraid of animals and believes that the most attractive trait in a person is honesty.

16. Yeo One is a talkative person, he loves to watch dramas which is probably the reason he’s such a good actor.

17. Yanan is known as a lady killer from mainland China due to his good looks.

18. Yuto claims that he doesn’t have any aegyo (cute tendencies). Also he's good friends with NCT’s Yuta.

19. Kino lived in the Philippines for three months and believes he’s the most different when comparing being at the dorm and broadcasts. (He’ll get more comfortable in no time!)

20. Wooseok appears in (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon’s solo music video “Jelly”.


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