Seriously this friendship is the best
5 Jun 2018 - 3:59 PM  UPDATED 5 Jun 2018 - 3:59 PM

BTS' V sent a hilarious yet sweet gift to K-drama actor Park Seo Joon, who's currently filming the new show What's Wrong with Secretary Kim.

The idol sent a coffee truck to the set of Park Seo Joon's show, and among the banners decorating it was a particularly unflattering selfie of Seo Joon.

The banner across the top showcased some trademark V humour, reading "You must be struggling a lot because of Park Seo Joon. Just think of it as providing another reflector for an ugly guy, and please take good care of him anyway".

Park Seo Joon posted the image to his Instagram and added "You cute guy, thanks and I love you... I thank you and love you, but you must know that nothing good will come out of being like this?" Another hashtag read: "But I still love you Tae-Tae".

V and Park Seo Joon became friends while filming K-drama Hwarang together, and formed a trio along with actor Park Hyung Sik, who shared a hilarious comment underneath the Insta post too!

This friendship really is too good.


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