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12 Jun 2018 - 11:58 AM  UPDATED 12 Jun 2018 - 12:20 PM

After months of hype and anticipation, Are You Human Too? has finally begun!

And the main star(s) of the show – Namshin III and actual-human-Namshin - are worth your undivided attention. Just going to put it out there: Seo Kang Joon has managed to make an android-human relationship something that I would consider. Sure, human Namshin is also pretty appealing, with his hair pushed up like that, but he’s also hardened and bitter with a slew of family problems.

Here are five times we fell in love with android Namshin III in Are You Human Too.

1. When he was a literal cinnamon roll (so, all the time)

No joke, Namshin III is a scene stealer. Even when his human counterpart, whom he is modelled after, is in the same frame as him, Namshin III still manages to become the centre of attention with his joy at seeing the outside world. From the way he takes care of his creator-mum to not realising he was getting hit on when buying flowers, Namshin III’s cuteness is almost too much to handle. And gah, when he smiles like this you know your life is over.

2. The hug rule

The first rule that android Namshin is taught when he was created was to hug someone when they are crying, and it’s honestly turning out to be one of the best decisions ever thought up. Namshin III’s hugging ability seems to be more than just satisfactory. In fact, Namshin III looks like he’s an amazing hugger who could make your heart feel a 100x lighter and make your worries fade away the moment you’re in his arms.

3. Working hard to turn into human Namshin

The training sequence where Namshin III tried his best to transform into jaded and bitter human Namshin was equal parts hilarious and adorable to watch. Since human and android Namshin are so different, Namshin III has to put aside his courteousness in what amounts to some funny initial missteps. When he learns to dress like human Namshin, we all nearly died. He may have unbuttoned that shirt without a care in the world, just wanting to successfully fulfil his mission of becoming Namshin, but we are deceased.

4. When he proved that androids could sass as well

Who said androids can't have a sense of humour? Sure, this could totally just be some sort of programmed checking up on people kind of thing, but I’m totally leaning towards the idea that Namshin III was just sassing Secretary Ji. Also, Namshin’s little smile is bloody lethal. Someone stop him.


5. Disaster mode activated  

Namshin III going into disaster mode is a hot mess. Namshin III when he’s functioning normally is all kinds of cute and adorable, but boy when he’s in disaster mode he transforms into the hardcore hero of our dreams, calling out selfish people and catching heavy beams of metal like it’s no problem.  

So Bong accurately captures all our feels.

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