They have so many good songs!
28 Jun 2018 - 4:53 PM  UPDATED 28 Jun 2018 - 4:53 PM

Girls' Generation are one of the biggest girl groups ever, but the members also have stellar solo careers as well. Tiffany Young just released her first U.S. single "Over My Skin" this week, further adding to the extensive collection of amazing Girls' Gen solo bops.

To celebrate Tiffany's American advancement, here's 9 of the best Girls' Generation solo songs ever released!

Tiffany - I Just Wanna Dance

Seohyun - Don't Say No

Taeyeon - Why

Jessica - Love Me The Same

Yuri & Seohyun - Secret

Hyoyeon - Wannabe

Taeyeon - I

Seohyun - Magic

Jessica - Because It's Spring


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