These dramas are well-worth viewing
17 Jul 2018 - 3:24 PM  UPDATED 17 Jul 2018 - 3:24 PM

Need a Japanese drama fix? Or not sure where to start with the wealth of awesome shows out there? Check out the six shows below that have been favourites with Japanese viewers in 2018 so far!

Hana Nochi Hare

This sequel to manga Hana Yori Dango aka Boys Over Flowers is set 10 years after F4 have graduated from Eitoku Academy, a once prestigious school now in ruins. With a classic rich vs poor romantic storyline, a love triangle and so much more, this is for J-drama and Boys Over Flowers fans alike.


This is a remake of the 2015 Korean drama of the same name, and has been a huge hit. The murder mystery series follows police officers and criminal profilers solving cold cases, with a supernatural twist. 

Seigi no Se

Looking for a strong female lead? Then this one is for you. Seigi no Se follows prosecutor Takemura Ririko as she who despite being passionate and a hard worker, is not good at her job. But by working on multiple cases and facing challenges, she grows as a prosecutor and as a person.

Mikaiketsu no Onna

This popular detective mystery drama features female double leads played by Naru and Suzuki Kyoka. In the show, a young detective transfers to a unit where they decipher unsolved case documents, and she begins to work with a senior detective with a talent for predicting the thoughts of a writer just from their writings.

Gakeppuchi Hotel!

A once exclusive hotel is on the brink of bankruptcy thanks to staff who are either too young, too unmotivated or too unskilled. When a young man shows up as a mysterious guest, the staff aren't pleased to see him. But turns out he's going to turn things upside down! 

Black Forceps

For fans of medical dramas, this is going to be your new binge-watch. Set in a hospital's cardiovascular department, it's got the heroics of surgery with the heart-tugging emotions of human stories, so get ready for the emotional turmoil.


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