These groups deserve love!
23 Jul 2018 - 1:01 PM  UPDATED 23 Jul 2018 - 1:01 PM

With so many rookies debuting lately, it's hard to keep up with new groups and what they're up to. So to help you find new groups to love, here's some rookies who've debuted in the last couple years that you should know.

Stray Kids

JYP's latest boy group made an impactful debut in early 2018 with "District 9", and their first comeback is set for August.


This Cube Entertainment girl group blew everyone away, with their first music show win coming 20 days after debut for "Latata".


The boy group has members who've trained at big agencies like JYP, Starship and Big Hit. Their appearance on Mix Nine got them more attention, with two members placing in the final group. Unfortunately the debut was cancelled, but luckily, that means more music from ONF!


They've been promoting in various units since 2016, with three sub-units revealing the members. They're yet to debut as a full 12-member group but they've got a lot of fans already.


A nine-member group signed under Luk Factory, some of the members were involved in Produce 101: Season 2, and they're slowly gaining fans in South Korea.


IN2IT were formed from a pre-debut program called Boys24 which involved 260 concert performances being made over 1.5 years. They were originally eight members, but with one leaving due to health concerns, they now promote as seven.


The members caught the public's attention with their hotpants for "Cactus", and appearances on Mix Nine and The Unit, with members from the group ending up in the winning groups for each show. A.C.E have steadily grown with word-of-mouth and their fashion-forward stages.

The Boyz

Members of The Boyz have appeared on shows like Kpop Star 6High School Rapper and Produce 101. Their latest comeback was produced by Block B's Park Kyung.

Fromis 9

Their name has confused some people, it's an acronym for From Idol School, and the group are from the 2017 reality show Idol School.

Are you a fan of any of these rookies?


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