Time to stan The Boyz!
25 Jul 2018 - 1:46 PM  UPDATED 15 Aug 2019 - 1:48 PM

The Boyz debuted in 2017 and have been gaining attention ever since for their energetic music and personalities.

Here's some fun facts to help you learn more about them!

1. Three members have ties to the U.S and Canada. Kevin and Jacob were born in Canada, while Eric was born in South Korea but grew up in Los Angeles, California.

2. Juyeon and Younghoon were models in Seoul Fashion Week 2017

3. Kevin's parents named him after Macaulay Culkin's character in Home Alone.

4. There are some idol friendships in the group: Sangyeon is close with JBJ's Longguo, Juyeon is friends with UNB's Jun, Haknyeon was classmates with UP10TION's Xiao, and Eric has said his closest idol friend is Stray Kids' Felix.

5. Hyunjae appeared in Melody Day's "You Seem Busy" and "Colour" music videos.

6. New may only be 21 years old but he's already got a tattoo! It's a cross on his left pinky.

7. Q is known for his long neck and says his special talents are giraffe and pigeon impersonations!

8. Haknyeon is half-Chinese (Hong Kong) and half-Korean, and lived in Hong Kong as a child too.

9. Hwall went to the same dance academy as BTS' Jimin and has said the idol is his role model.

10. Sunwoo was a contestant on High School Rapper before he debuted in The Boyz.

11. Haknyeon participated in Produce 101 and even made it into the top 20 in the final episode (he was in 19th place).

12. One of the boy group's 2018 comebacks, "Keeper", was produced by Block B's Park Kyung.


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