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26 Jul 2018 - 2:44 PM  UPDATED 13 Feb 2020 - 12:37 PM

Age is nothing but a number and there are K-drama romances out there proving just that. Dramas where the female lead is older than the male lead are also known as noona dramas, and while it's not very common to have an older woman with a younger man in K-drama stories, when they do, it's a great watch!

Here are just some of the K-dramas you can watch to get your romance fix.

1. Something in the Rain

This 2018 K-drama focuses on a woman (Son Ye Jin) who falls in love with her best friend's younger brother (Jung Hae In), who's just returned from the U.S. Their romance is sweet but secretive, and they fight against familial and societal prejudices regarding their age difference throughout. It's the perfect combination of cute, romantic and angsty.

2. Romance is a Bonus Book

Relatable on multiple levels, this drama stars Lee Na Young as a divorced mother struggling to get back into the workforce and her childhood friend played by Lee Jong Suk, who's a successful editor at the publishing company where she ends up interning. Their already connected lives get a whole lot closer as their professional and personal lives intertwine, and there's a lot of soft beauty in the mutual pining in this romance.

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3. I Need Romance 3

A real trope-fest of a drama, the age gap isn't so obvious given the personalities at play: while Kim So Yeon's older woman is playful and a little immature, Sung Joon is the charismatic rich boy with a lot of confidence. Adding onto the noona romance here is a love triangle and the rich-man-meets-poor-girl story.

4. A Witch's Romance

A career woman who's given up on love (Uhm Jung Hwa) falls in love with an errand boy struggling with the death of his ex (Park Seo Joon). What you've got is high drama teamed with fates crossing and some moments of intense chemistry between the pair.

5. I Hear Your Voice

Another K-drama cliche gets thrown into the mix here: the couple in question meet during childhood and reunite as adults. The male lead played by Lee Jong Suk pines after Lee Bo Young's public defender character. Oh, and he can read minds. That makes things interesting/easier when you're trying to win someone over.

6. Secret Love Affair

This is a more serious drama that goes down the scandalous plot path. Yoo Ah In is a piano student taking lessons from Kim Hee Ae's husband, who end up in a passionate affair together. It's a lot more complex than it seems on first viewing, with the older woman trying to escape an unhappy marriage and the younger man being both sweet and mature in equal turns.

Which romances would you add to the list?

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