The Chinese idol shared his thoughts in a Weibo post
3 Aug 2018 - 12:11 PM  UPDATED 3 Aug 2018 - 12:11 PM

In a recent Weibo post, Huang Zitao aka Tao, commented on the use of filters on photos posted on social media, and his choice to not use them.

Writing to his fans after a concert, he discussed feeling unwell during the show and being apologetic to fans for not delivering his best performance. He then moved on to talk about photo filters, saying the following:

"The other thing I wanted to mention is why I don't use filters in photos. When the filter ability first started popping, I always rejected using it. Humans evolved from apes into what we are today. Back then there weren't even cameras... but today, selfies always have to have filters to slim the face, get rid of acne, you can even adjust your height... it's to the point where people around me won't even take photos without filters.

Sometimes I want to ask, is it really that important? I see myself clearly. I accept there are times when I'm ugly or fat. Then I'll use dieting and exercise to change that. Whether I am bare-faced or with stage makeup, I accept there is a big difference. My job requires this of me. At least this is the original and realest me, not someone who can't face themselves without filters.

All these years, whether it be magazine editorials, or any job, whatever I look like is what I look like. I'm already used to it. I can't control other people, I just want to mention why I don't use filters. I hope those who rely on these functions can slowly begin to find back their confidence in real life and within their hearts, allowing themselves to become more beautiful, more handsome, more youthful. Goodnight".

What do you think of Tao's opinion on photo filters?



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