From classy to totally random, idols have unique tastes!
10 Aug 2018 - 12:22 PM  UPDATED 10 Aug 2018 - 12:22 PM

Most people have something they love to collect: maybe it's clothes or record or figurines, there's really no end to the options!

Idols have some pretty impressive collections too. Here's just some that they've shared with the public that'll make you wish your collections were this impressive.

1. T.O.P's art collection

BIGBANG's T.O.P has been an avid art enthusiast for a while now, and his Instagram is littered with photographs of the rarities he's purchased for his private collection.

2. RM's KAWS figurines

BTS' leader has been collecting KAWS creations for a while now, and he has them shelved in his studio. He's also gotten many of them as gifts from fans. 

3. Gikwang's sneakers

HIGHLIGHT's Gikwang seems to be a proper sneakerhead, with hundreds of pairs in his wardrobe. He takes immaculate care of them too.

Lee Gi Kwang I Live Alone 2

4. Hyeyeon's beetles

BESTie's Hyeyeon collects beetles. Real life beetles.

BESTie Hyeyeon beetles

5. Boram's bottles

The T-ara member likes collecting empty bottles, especially pretty ones.

t-ara Borum bottles

6. Heize's Olaf merch

Turns out Heize loves Frozen's Olaf. So much so she has plushies, toys, tumblers, sunglasses and more of the character.

7. Seolhyun's tumblers

The AOA member collects Starbucks tumblers. She has over 200 of them on shelves in her house, which she shared pictures of on her Instagram stories.

8. Taeil's fish

Block B's Taeil has a unique collection: he likes keeping different species of fish in his house. He's even a member of a fish club!

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Do you have a similar collection to any of these idols?


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