If you're not a fan of these women, you need to be
20 Aug 2018 - 1:50 PM  UPDATED 7 Mar 2019 - 2:24 PM

There's so many talented women in Asian pop, we know it can be pretty overwhelming! And with new stars coming through every day, you never know where to start.

If you're new to Asian pop, or even if you're already a fan, these artists who have been releasing great music recently deserve your attention.

1. Jolin Tsai

Taiwanese singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and businesswoman Jolin Tsai is a legend in the industry and is one of the main people to have made dance-pop so popular in Greater China. If you don't know her music, now is the time to get into it!

2. Sunmi

The ex-Wonder Girls member has been thriving as a solo artist since her absolute hit "Gashina" and its memorable dance, and the bops have kept coming from "Heroine" through to recent release, "Noir".

3. HyunA

Formerly of 4Minute and Triple H, HyunA is consistently pushing the envelope when it comes to performance and music. She's had to bear the brunt of negative public opinion both for shirking the standard K-pop girl image and for openly dating fellow idol E'Dawn, but it won't stop her!

4. Bich Phuong

While she came to prominence for her performances as a contestant on Vietnam Idol, Bich Phuong has been winning fans with her r'n'b style pop hits.

5. Hyolyn

Sistar's leader has been releasing solo music steadily to great success, with her music videos featuring strong female dancers and a more Americanised vibe.

6. Chanmina

Chanmina is a Korean-Japanese rapper and producer, who makes music in Japanese. As one of few popular female hip-hop artists in Japan, she's changing the game with her unique style.

7. Chungha

She came to attention on Produce 101 and her solo career has only just begun but it's already winning her plenty of fans.

8. G.E.M

This Hong Kong singer-songwriter has been performing since she was very young, and is now one of the most successful and critically acclaimed pop stars in China.


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