Cube Entertainment has issued a statement
22 Aug 2018 - 4:32 PM  UPDATED 22 Aug 2018 - 4:33 PM

Continuing from events that have seen Yanan and E'Dawn not participating in PENTAGON's recent promotional activities, Cube Entertainment have announced that the group will continue as 8 members indefinitely.

In their message to fans, Cube Entertainment said:

"Hello, this is Cube Entertainment.

This note is to inform you about PENTAGON members E'Dawn and Yanan's future activities.

E'Dawn is temporarily halting activities. Due to health reasons, Yanan is going to focus on treatment and receiving adequate rest instead of activities.

We express our apologies to the many fans who care about PENTAGON. PENTAGON will continue promotions as a group of 8 without E'Dawn and Yanan.

Thank you".

E'Dawn has not been appearing with PENTAGON since news broke of his relationship with fellow Cube idol HyunA, whereas Yanan has been busy with Chinese promotions recently.

There's no word on when the pair will return to the group.



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