Just visual atop visual with these guys
27 Aug 2018 - 1:35 PM  UPDATED 27 Aug 2018 - 1:35 PM

BTS released "IDOL" on Friday 24 August and we've had all weekend to admire the colours, moves and music, and in totally unsurprising news, we really can't get enough!

Here's some of the looks we're just not over and really, you shouldn't be either.

1. RM's piercing gaze at the very beginning

2. J-Hope's sneer accentuated with visor

3. Suga's kick made more powerful by this patterned suit

4. RM looking like a soft kitty in this colorful filter moment

5. Taehyung putting all his meme skills on display with a love-filled shirt

6. Tradition meeting modernity with this hanbok + couture look

7. The ever multiplying vortex of BTS we'd happily sink into

8. Everything about everyone in this moment

9. J-Hope being brighter than the sun

10. This array of bright colours and Taehyung giving fun attitude

11. Let's just take a moment and appreciate Jin's suspender trousers please

12. Jimin looking sultry as can be with fan in hand

13. This 100 party vibe with matching (but not too matching) tan outfits

14. This absolute, undeniable, all-time great, power suit look

Guess we should watch the video again, right?


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