These vids have hidden meanings
11 Sep 2018 - 1:04 PM  UPDATED 11 Sep 2018 - 1:04 PM

Over on Reddit, fans have been discussing the most clever K-pop music videos they've seen, whether that's ones with unique filming techniques or hidden meanings in the lyrics and imagery.

Here's just some of the best ones!


They made a 360 view version of their song "Bad" that allows you to explore the room by moving around virtually, seeing different members in various parts of the room. Totally one of a kind!

2. Orange Caramel: My Copycat

User Syntaxosaurus said: "Orange Caramel was tops at that. My Copycat included Where's Waldo? and Spot The Difference games, making it highly rewatchable..."

3. EXO: Growl

User Galyndean said: "One take **** is so hard. Complete props to the group and the cameramen on this one", and another user added on, "that growl mv was soooo damn iconic omg."

4. K.Will: Please Don't

The plot twist of this MV got praised by users with one saying: "YES. I will never not show this video to people who don't follow Kpop because Seo In-guk's sour face and the ending are just too good"

5. VIXX: G.R.8.U

User GoodLookingPumpkin  said: "The concept of the MV was hella good and it's fun to watch doing all these things reversed".

6. Ladies Code: Galaxy

One user mentioned this song saying: "Mainly for the 3 symbolism that's all over the place and how the whole group is reminded constantly that they are only 3 members. All of this through visuals"

7. HyunA: Babe

The hints in this MV were mentioned by many fans with one pointing out, "theories that Hyuna's Babe was a commentary on the idol industry and their way of grooming idols..."

8. TWICE: What Is Love?

The video has a number of movie references which makes it fun to spot, but the amusing part was the realisation that Dahyun's parts weren't movies but commercials on the tv the girls are watching!


The song features multiple references to their older MVs, can you spot them all?

10. BTS: Blood, Sweat & Tears

The MV has multiple references not only to the group's previous videos and the storylines within, but it also is based heavily on Herman Hesse's novel Demian, with clever symbolism scattered throughout.

Do you have any other clever MVs you'd add to the list?


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