These boys are too hilarious!
18 Sep 2018 - 3:38 PM  UPDATED 18 Sep 2018 - 3:38 PM

MONSTA X are not only talented singers, dancers and all-round performers: they are also comedic geniuses. If you don't believe us, then you haven't watched MONSTA X-RAY. There's no other explanation.

MONSTA X-RAY is the idol group's variety show, of which they've now got three seasons. No game is too silly, no concept too stupid: they really will do it all.

If you're ready to laugh until you cry, we have some episodes to get you started.

1. Working at a daycare (S1, Ep 5)

If your heart doesn't turn to mush watching the sweet interactions between these little kids and the MONSTA X boys, you might not have a heart at all. Just saying.

2. Roleplaying a family with traditional dress and all (S1, Eps 2 & 3)

Tell you what, if they want to expand beyond the music, careers in comedy are not far for these boys.

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3. This epic K-drama performance (S3, Ep 5)

It's alarming how beautiful Minhyuk is dressed as a woman. Between his stunning visuals and Wonho's emotional moment with a single rolling tear, you really are a fool to miss this viewing experience.

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4. But also this epic K-drama performance (S2, Ep 6)

Hyungwon is the scariest girl and we would not want to fight him ever. But also Shownu being the leading man in all these dramas is really feeding Monbebes' fantasies.

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5. When they worked at the zoo with some handsy animals (S2, Eps 2 & 3)

Those raccoons were a little too keen when it came to I.M. Let's just say there's some unfortunate grabbing you'll have to watch for yourself to see.

6. The ridiculous games and costumes to kick off Season 3 (Ep 1)

The best thing about MONSTA X is that they commit to a bit. They don't care how they look, if it's funny, they'll do it. And seriously, it is always very, very funny.


7. Their showdown with the other loudest and most ridiculous K-pop group, BTOB (S1, Ep 4)

What happens when you pair two of the most extra groups in K-pop and have them compete? Chaos. Utter, amazing, highly watchable, cannot be missed chaos.

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You can find all of MONSTA X-RAY on MONSTA X's V Channel here.

May you enjoy the many hours of entertainment now gifted to you. 


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