These artists wear many hats
19 Sep 2018 - 12:10 PM  UPDATED 19 Sep 2018 - 12:11 PM

Idols have always been more than just singers or dancers, but some truly exceed expectations when it comes to having a variety of talents.

On Reddit, fans have been discussing which idols could be considered the most versatile in terms of multiple talents, often those that go beyond just music.

Here's some of the names that make the list!

1. BIGBANG's G-Dragon

BIGBANG's leader has a lot of interests and he's gifted in all of them which would be annoying if he wasn't just so amazing. He raps, writes and produces his own music as well as BIGBANG's songs. He owns two cafes in Korea, has a successful high-end fashion label, is a talented photographer and artist, and is beloved by fashion labels. He also speaks English pretty fluently, as if everything we mentioned wasn't enough. We'd dare say he's an underrated actor too!

2. VIXX's N

Aside from not being much of a rapper, N really has an incredible number of talents. He's a gifted singer and dancer, the leader for VIXX, a successful actor and even a figure skater!

3. BIGBANG's Seungri

Seungri's talents go beyond the idol industry. He's not just a performer in one of the biggest K-pop groups ever, he's also got a successful chain of restaurants, can speak in multiple languages and nails his variety show appearances.

4. SHINee's Key

Not only a singer, rapper and dancer, he's been praised for his roles in dramas like Drinking Solo and Lookout, is a sought-after model for Korean and international brands, has designed clothes, speaks three languages (English, Korean and Japanese), is a pretty good cook and is even working on a thesis as part of his post-graduate studies!

5. CL

CL's skills are many and she deserves more of an opportunity to shine. Not only a talented rapper and singer, who writes and composes her own music frequently, she's also a naturally gifted actor. She's been cast in Hollywood films and interviewed by Vogue for her fashion know-how. She also speaks Korean, English and French (and a bit of Japanese).

6. Henry Lau

He's become known as something of a variety king, but it all began with his talented singing and dancing, and of course his incredible skill with instruments. He also runs his own restaurant in Seoul, and he can speak quite a few languages!

7. Apink's Eunji

Eunji has become a household name in Korea not only because of her talents as a singer, but her stellar work as an actor. She's also been involved with music and lyrics composition for both Apink and her solo songs. Not to mention she's hit the stage as a musical theatre star too.


8. GOT7's Jackson

Jackson has really diversified to become an artist known for many skills, ranging from his rapping to composing and writing lyrics as a solo artist, appearing as a judge on shows like Idol Producer, his endorsements with fashion brands, and his multilingual skills. Not to forget he was an Olympic-level fencer before becoming an idol.

9. NCT's Mark Lee

NCT's multi-debuting talent covers a lot of ground as one user says: "Pro-debuter Mark Lee - main rapper, lead dancer, visual, leader, writes his own raps, occasionally composes for NCT, and can also sing when required." He's also pretty funny on variety shows, not to mention he speaks English fluently alongside Korean.

10. Amber Liu

Not only a member of f(x), the rapper is also a great singer as proven with her solo music. She's also made quite a name for herself as a YouTube vlogger, and as a model for sports brands where she's breaking down the stereotypes of being a female idol and an athletic person. She can also speak three languages - something she's tried passing onto her dogs apparently.


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