These tracks helped groups gain a whole new bunch of fans
22 Nov 2018 - 3:39 PM  UPDATED 1 Oct 2019 - 4:12 PM

There's many hits in K-pop history, but there's the special songs for each group that helped them crack into the public consciousness and often become household names.

They might not even be the group's most popular song, but these songs are the ones that helped groups get the attention they deserved.

SHINee: Ring Ding Dong

The fact that you can sing this song just by hearing the title is the sign that it's the one that blew the group into a new stratosphere of success.

Super Junior: Sorry Sorry

You can't pretend that this wasn't the song to unleash Super Junior's reputation as performers of extremely catchy pop singles with memorable dances.

B.A.P: Warrior

B.A.P had so much buzz leading up to their debut and so their first single was also the one to see them hit a new level of success. The EP Warrior even entered Billboard's World Albums Chart at No.10 on release.

VIXX: Hyde

Though their most popular song is a tie between "Chained Up" and "Shangri-La", it's "Hyde" which made people ask who VIXX were and pay attention.


How could this song not blow up? Adorable video, insanely catchy tune, SEVENTEEN have been on the rise ever since.


Though "Just Right" or "Hard Carry" might be considered their most popular songs by sheer numbers, "A" was the one that made people notice the JYP group after debut.


These ballad kings are beloved for their strong vocals and goofy personalities, and despite their multiple wins on music shows for their slow tempo songs, the truth is they blew up after the release of "WOW".


They may have faced difficulties in their career with their recent move to being HIGHLIGHT, but "Fiction" remains their most popular song for good reason: it's a banger.

BTS: Boy in Luv

It may not have gotten BTS music show wins, but it was the song that got them attention in variety programs, award shows and among other idols, who would copy the dance often.


Yep, EXO are that powerful. Their debut song was also the one that sent them straight into fans' hearts, and there was never any doubt EXO were going to be huge.


MONSTA X have been working so hard since debut, it was rewarding to see them become popular with the insanely catchy "Hero". They've blown up further with their releases since "Dramarama" seeing them get music show wins.

BIGBANG: Haru Haru

"Haru Haru" confirmed what many knew from the start, that BIGBANG were hitmakers. They were especially noticed for leader G-Dragon's involvement in the making of all their songs.

iKON: Love Scenario

Some would argue that iKON were successful on debut, and they wouldn't be wrong. But there's no denying the impact of 2018's "Love Scenario" that took them up a level becoming household names in South Korea.

NU'EST: Face

One of the strongest debuts ever, "Face" was such a big hit but it would be a while before NU'EST would hit the same height. In fact, it wasn't until members appeared on Produce 101 and NU'EST W subsequently released "Where U At", that they returned to the top of the charts.


The group had released many outstanding pop tracks since debut but something about "Shine" transcended and made it into their biggest track yet.

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