Get the tissues out, it's emo hours
26 Nov 2018 - 2:27 PM  UPDATED 2 Dec 2019 - 12:59 PM

End of year award shows are a high point for K-pop fans and artists alike. We get to reminisce on the year's best songs, get emotional with all the wins and excited for our faves when they appear on screen.

There's been some very emotional moments over the years, with stars totally shocked and overwhelmed when they've won, especially with the major prizes aka daesangs.

Here's just some of the moments that made us shed tears of pride alongside the artists.

10. Wanna One's 2017 MAMA win

The boy group born from Produce 101 were clearly surprised to win Best Male Group considering they had only debuted in 2017.

9. TWICE's 2016 MAMA daesang

TWICE won Song of the Year in 2016 at Melon Music Awards and they were all crying by the end of Jihyo's speech.

8. EXO's 2017 MAMA win

EXO took home Album of the Year at MAMA last year and the emotions on stage were very real, with many members looking teary-eyed, along with the audience.

7. B.A.P's 2012 Melon Music Awards win

This was a joyful one! B.A.P had just debuted that year and had worked so hard, they looked surprised and thrilled to receive the Rookie of the Year award, and Zelo couldn't help but cry at the end of his speech.

6. Ailee's 2013 Melon Music Awards win

Ailee won the award for top 10 artist days after a 'scandal' broke, and her tearful response showcased how grateful she was to the fans supporting her in the midst of it.

5. EXO's 2014 MAMA win

The group won Album of the Year with a mini-album, they also won Artist of the Year. Coming in the year they lost two members, it was a confirmation that EXO were going to continue to succeed despite obstacles.

4. Girls' Generation's 2010 Golden Disc Awards daesang

Girls' Generation were the first (and remain the only) girl group to win Album of the Year at the Golden Disc Awards and their look of surprise was proof enough that they weren't expecting it.

3. BTS' 2016 MAMA daesang

BTS were truly considered underdogs from their debut, but their Artist of the Year win at MAMA in 2016 confirmed they'd ascended to being one of the top idol groups. Their emotional response to the win left us all in tears too.

2. BTS' 2018 MAMA daesang

Contrasting their 2016 win, the 2018 Artist of the Year win had a different meaning for BTS. They'd conquered global audiences and hit new records, but in their speeches they also noted the mental strain and that they'd even considered breaking up. It's impossible not to get emotional while watching.

1. SHINee's 2013 MAMA daesang

An iconic win both for being their first grand prize since debut and also for their incredibly genuine and heartfelt reaction, this win left both the group and their fans in tears.


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