This is the cutest thing you'll see today
25 Jan 2019 - 10:47 AM  UPDATED 25 Jan 2019 - 10:47 AM

In the latest news of cute zoo animals being named after K-pop idols, there's a new baby pudu at Los Angeles Zoo and it's been named after NCT's Haechan!

The pudu is a breed of South American deer, and this one was born last month at the LA Zoo. NCTzens have often compared Haechan to the cute animal, so when LA Zoo officials noticed some tweets going around, they said they'd name the pudu after the idol if fans donated $2000 to the zoo.

The donation goal was met within three hours, so not only did fans help a not-for-profit organisation, they've now ensured that LA Zoo is home to Haechan the pudu! Check out some of the cute posts of pudu Haechan below.

We hope human Haechan will get to meet pudu Haechan soon!


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