For when you need some moral support
31 Jan 2019 - 12:35 PM  UPDATED 31 Jan 2019 - 12:35 PM

Sure, a lot of K-pop songs are about love and romance, but there's also plenty that are all about having confidence in yourself and powering through life when things are tough.

So the next time you're feeling a bit down, check out these tunes to give you the push you need to keep moving forward!

1. f(x): Step

This song is about living for yourself rather than for others, and the music is motivational too! 

2. MAMAMOO: Yes I Am

The powerhouse vocalists sing about being confident in themselves and setting the trends rather than following them.

3. 2NE1: I Am The Best

Feel like the title is pretty self-explanatory for this one. Also, it's a banger.

4. Ailee: I Will Show You

It starts off as a ballad but it snaps hard while Ailee sings of picking yourself back up after a breakup and developing self-confidence.

5. Miss A: Bad Good Girl

This song calls out men for slut-shaming women and says others need to stop judging on appearance.

6. CL: The Baddest Female

The queen of female empowerment, CL isn't afraid to be strong and powerful, and she tells her fans to follow her lead.

7. Miss A: I Don't Need A Man

Another Miss A song, this time encouraging women to live independently and to be proud of it.

8. Red Velvet: Cool World

A song that's all about loving yourself, this breezy tune tells you to live freely and enjoy the time you have.

9. CLC: No

Powerful with self-love, the girls won't change what they like just to please someone else, whether it's the colour of their lipstick or their attitude. Good advice!

10. BoA: Girls on Top

Of course the Queen of K-pop has been singing about female empowerment before any girl group did and here she's full of confidence and ready to fight for her place.

11. Lee Hyori: Bad Girl

This one basically says to be yourself, and there's nothing wrong with being what some might define as a 'bad girl'.

Do you have a fave empowering anthem?


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