The CEO has clarified Seungri's role
1 Feb 2019 - 9:47 AM  UPDATED 1 Feb 2019 - 9:48 AM

YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk has shared a statement regarding BIGBANG's Seungri and his association with Burning Sun Club.

The club is currently facing accusations of assault and sexual harassment perpetrated by the staff, and the Korean public have been calling on Seungri - as the club's executive director - to comment on the issue.

Yang Hyun Suk shared a lengthy statement on YG Entertainment's blog in which he apologised for the delay in addressing the recent news but had been waiting to hear from Seungri. In the statement he said:

"The only person I could ask was Seungri, and I found out that on the day of the incident, Seungri was at the scene until 3am on November 24, and the incident occurred past 6am".

He also confirmed that Seungri is no longer the executive director of Burning Sun, stating: 

"The reason why Seungri recently resigned as an executive director of the club was in order to comply with laws regarding military service as his military enlistment is approaching in March or April.

"According to Article 30 of the Framework Act on Military Status and Service, 'A soldier shall not engage in any for-profit activity, other than military service, and shall not concurrently engage in other activity without permission from the Minister of National Defense'. It is specifically written, 'A soldier is prohibited from becoming a director, financial manager, general partner that takes part in the business, manager, promoter, or any other executive of a business'.

"I confirmed that due to this reason, Seungri is in the process of resigning from not only the club but all of the CEO and executive director positions for which his name is recorded".

Yang Hyun Suk also passed on Seungri's apologies, saying he had wanted to share the news of his position but Yang had told him to hold off for the time being.

The investigation of the club remains ongoing. You can read Yang Hyun Suk's full statement here.


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