The distribution of such materials is illegal in North Korea and heavily punished
7 Mar 2019 - 10:09 AM  UPDATED 7 Mar 2019 - 10:09 AM

BTS songs and K-dramas have reportedly been found on a USB in North Korea.

According to Korean media outlet Daily NK, two flash drives were found inside a home in North Korea. One contained songs from BTS, while another included South Korean dramas such as 2018's Marry Me Now. The report from Daily NK stated:

"USBs that contain BTS songs and South Korean dramas were found at a house located in Hyesan of Yang Kang Province last month. The house belongs to Mr. Min, a former soldier who was discharged from the military due to illness".

This method of getting South Korean music, films and television into North Korea is not new, with many activists using it as a way to inform North Koreans. In North Korea, it is illegal to possess any materials that may be deemed as promoting capitalism. Those caught with such materials face serious punishment, and it is reported that those caught with the flash drives in question have been arrested and taken to a detention centre to be further investigated.

BTS are known to be popular in North Korea, with a defector having said last year that North Koreans use the code word 'Bangtan Bag' to refer to them. Other K-pop artists such as Red Velvet have also become famous in North Korea thanks to their performance in the country in 2018.



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