Get to know Big Hit Entertainment's new boy group!
8 Mar 2019 - 1:05 PM  UPDATED 2 Oct 2019 - 2:45 PM

TXT, Big Hit Entertainment's new boy group, have been winning over fans ever since their debut in March 2019!

The five boys - Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai - have already broken debut records with their first release, and now they're gearing up for their first comeback!

Here's some fun facts about the guys to get you started on your TXT fandom journey.

1. TXT's leader is Soobin, and random fact: his neck and cheeks are super elastic! He can stretch his neck skin out 6cm!

2. Yeonjun has been a trainee for five years and was a Cube Entertainment trainee too before going to Big Hit.

3. Taehyun has a really angled nose according to the members (it's 60 degrees, they measured it!). The boys also think he has surprisingly big eyes.

4. Soobin is really shy when meeting new people, but he says he's different around the members. Probably because they're all besties now, right?

5. Huening Kai was born in Hawaii and can speak quite a few languages, including Mandarin, Korean and English.

6. You can spot Yeonjun in the background of BTS V's "Singularity" live stages as a backup dancer.

7. Soobin really likes bread and BTS' Jin, which has made fans compare him to bread-loving alpaca, BT21 character RJ.

8. Fellow members describe Taehyun as mature and passionate.

9. Beomgyu loves playing guitar, he even passed his Big Hit audition by showing off his guitar skills!

10. Soobin said that he was so nervous when he auditioned for Big Hit that he trembled while singing and got all the lyrics wrong. To feel better afterwards, he bought five icecreams on the way home and ate them all!

11. Beomgyu is currently a student at Hanlim Multi-Arts School along with many other famous idols. He's friends with Produce 101's Euiwoong and Hyungseob who go there too.

12. Huening Kai is the first foreigner to debut under Big Hit Entertainment.

13. Yeonjun lived in the USA for two years and attended elementary school there - the members think he's the best English speaker in the team!

Now that you've got some more info, who's your TXT bias?

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