He also mentioned the case of late actor Jang Ja Yeon
19 Mar 2019 - 10:41 AM  UPDATED 19 Mar 2019 - 10:41 AM

South Korea's President Moon Jae In has responded to reports on cases regarding Burning Sun, late actor Jang Ja Yeon and more by ordering a thorough investigation to be performed on all cases.

He noted that all cases took place in the privileged class and that both police and prosecution are suspected of deliberately performing weak investigation to conceal the truth. He said: "If we fail to clarify the truth behind the cases that occurred within the privileged class, we will not be able to talk of a righteous society".

Talking of police corruption, he said that the police and prosecution cannot restore the public's confidence in them without reflecting on their past and revealing the truth behind the suspicions.

Regarding the clubs in Gangnam, including Burning Sun, he called for a thorough investigation to be performed on allegations of club owners using illegal methods such as providing drugs and sexual favours to customers in running their business, as well as preferential treatment from police.

He said: ”The key point is to discover the tangible truth behind the cases and the suspicions of special treatment given by investigative organisations such as the prosecution, the police, and the National Tax Service.

“The powerful people with connections were able to hide the truth and receive acquittal for the illegal activities and crimes they committed, while powerless citizens who were unfairly victimised had to tremble in fear without the protection of the law

“I emphasise once again that if we are unable to straighten out [the truth], we will never be able to talk of a righteous society. I ask that the Minister of Justice and the Minister of National Security take responsibility to reveal the truth and clarify each and every suspicion that was raised about the various cases.”



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