The idol has filed an injunction against his agency, LM Entertainment
21 Mar 2019 - 1:36 PM  UPDATED 21 Mar 2019 - 1:36 PM

Kang Daniel has applied for his exclusive contract with LM Entertainment to be suspended.

In a statement from his legal team, they said they had submitted an application to court for an injunction against LM Entertainment for the suspension of Kang Daniel's exclusive contract.

The lawyer heading up the case, Yeom Yong Pyo, stated: "Without the prior consent of Kang Daniel, LM Entertainment signed joint business contracts that sell Kang Daniel's exclusive contract rights to third parties. The application for injunction was submitted as [the agency] completely breached his contract."

According to his lawyers, injunctions are usually decided upon within one or two months, so if the request is accepted, Kang Daniel can begin independent activities immediately.

Yeom Yong Pyo added: "Kang Daniel feels bad that the incident has become a legal matter and expresses his deep apologies tot he fans who cherish him. He shared his hopes for the incident to be resolved as quickly as possible".


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