Get to know the super successful J-pop girl group
1 Apr 2019 - 2:30 PM  UPDATED 1 Apr 2019 - 2:30 PM

Japanese pop and electronic dance group Perfume formed in 2001 as local Hiroshima idols, and have steadily progressed to become one of the biggest groups in Japanese music.

The trio will be bringing their unique sound to the Coachella music festival in the US for the first time very soon, and although they're known stalwarts of the Japanese stage, there's plenty of people new to J-pop who might need a crash course in songs to make them fall in love with Perfume.

Here's 12 songs that are bound to make you a Perfume fan if you're not one yet!

1. Polyrhythm

2. Love the World

3. Dream Fighter

4. One Room Disco

5. Voice

6. Laser Beam

7. Spring of Life

8. Spending All My Time

9. Mirai no Museum

10. Cling Cling

11. Mugenmirai

12. Star Train


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