Look at this happy family!
9 Apr 2019 - 3:38 PM  UPDATED 9 Apr 2019 - 3:38 PM

PSY's new agency is already overflowing with talented artists and they've finally released some pics to show off the roster!

PSY left YG Entertainment at the end of 2018 to set up his own entertainment company, P Nation. Since announcing the endeavour, he signed rapper Jessi, shortly followed by former Cube Entertainment idols HyunA and E'Dawn. The latter was exceptionally big news considering the pair left their prior agency after announcing they'd been in a relationship for two years.

Now P Nation have revealed their first agency photos featuring all their artists and it looks like a powerful lineup!

The photos have been hashtagged with #pnation, #powerhouse and #laughter and tbh, those are all definite words we can associate with this dynamite collection of artists.

We can't wait to see what they release soon!


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