Are we even ready for this?
12 Apr 2019 - 9:31 AM  UPDATED 12 Apr 2019 - 9:31 AM

BTS have shared more details on their upcoming mini album Map of the Soul: Persona, which is set to be released at 6PM KST on Friday 12 April.

In an Osen News article, it was revealed that the album explores loving both their inner selves and the world around them, with "Mikrokosmos" and "HOME" both expressing how their fans are a home to them who they turn to when tired and lonely.

It's also been revealed that the collaboration with Ed Sheeran hinted at a while back has actually happened! The singer-songwriter was involved in the making of track "Make It Right", described as sentimental but polished.

There's also a new unit, with J-Hope, Jin and Jungkook together on "Jamais Vu". According to the report, "Dionysus" is a BTS-style hip-hop track with strong vocals from Jin.

Only a few more hours til it's released and we can enjoy it all!

(Source, translation)


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