First things first: Ji Soo
24 Apr 2019 - 11:38 AM  UPDATED 24 Apr 2019 - 11:38 AM

K-drama babe Ji Soo has finally got a leading man role! The new Netflix original K-drama series My First First Love has him as Tae Oh, the rich uni student living on his own, whose three friends end up moving in out of various unexpected circumstances. And of course, one of those new housemates is his childhood bestie, Song Yi (Jung Chaeyeon) and maybe first love (except he's defs in denial about it).

You can already tell there's going to be some great moments based off of that plot alone, but here's some key reasons why you should be watching this new K-drama.

1. Ji Soo

We don't need to expand on this, but fine we will. After years of being the victim of Second Lead Syndrome, our boy has finally got an opportunity to shine as the main man and he's delivering on being funny, charming, silly and emotional. A babe and an acting genius!

2. Second Lead Syndrome is back

Okay, so as Ji Soo clearly abdicated the throne of second leads who deserved more, a new king has emerged. It's B1A4's Jinyoung who plays Do Hyun in the show. Tae Oh's bestie who also has a crush on Ji Soo's OTHER bestie Song Yi, he's thoughtful, considerate, a gentle soul with a beautiful poreless face. The point is, we're going to struggle with letting him go when the female lead inevitably chooses the main man (or will she??)

3. An adorable friendship

We know that Tae Oh and Song Yi's relationship is eventually going to turn romantic - this isn't our first K-drama rodeo - but there's something really beautiful in their friendship that's grown from childhood. They support each other's successes, comfort each other when they experience hardships, and look out for one another. Real friendship goals right here.

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4. Rich vs poor conflict

The bread and butter of K-dramas: the divide between the rich and poor. Tae Oh lives for free in his grandfather's old house. Meanwhile his dad is chasing down rent from Do Hyun's dad and Song Yi's mum, one of whom is running a simple dumpling restaurant and the other who's abandoned her daughter and disappeared. We can sense the financial tensions simmering, and we wonder how they'll boil over.

5. It's available in Australia

That's right, it's on Netflix with subtitles and everything. Just add it to your watchlist and get started. There's eight episodes ready for you to devour.

So, will you be watching My First First Love.


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