The dispute between the idol and his agency has kept him from promoting
25 Apr 2019 - 9:44 AM  UPDATED 25 Apr 2019 - 9:44 AM

Court questioning commenced regarding the dispute between Kang Daniel and his agency, LM Entertainment, on April 24 in Seoul.

Kang Daniel recently filed a request for his exclusive contract with LM to be suspended, based on a breach of contract wherein LM signed a business deal selling the idol's contract to MMO Entertainment

According to Kang Daniel's legal representatives, they believe "this is no different from signing over the rights of the contract. Acting as a proxy means to execute actions on behalf of [the other party], making the proxy merely an assistant..."

They also stated that LM's CEO received a sum of over 10 times the 50 million won given to Kang Daniel when he signed over the contract rights. LM have refuted the claim by stating they already gave the down payment to Kang Daniel in February, and that the idol's side knew about the joint contract plan. 

You can read a full breakdown of what happened in court here.

LM have stated that they cannot hand over Kang Daniel's social media accounts as they were set up and managed by LM employees.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel sent a message to fans through his legal team saying: "First, I thank all my fans for showing me lots of attention and love. It's sad that I wasn't able to spend time with fans for such a long time, but I came all this way thinking that I want to take the right path, even if it takes a bit longer. I will make sure not to fall short of the expectations of my fans, who are trusting me until the end".



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