The agency has warned fans to not harass members
7 May 2019 - 10:59 AM  UPDATED 7 May 2019 - 10:59 AM

JYP Entertainment have issued an official warning to fans of GOT7 who are violating the members' privacy repeatedly.

The statement, uploaded by all GOT7 members to their Instagram accounts, stated that anyone taking up actions that would be considered a violation of an idol's privacy would be placed on a blacklist. The statement included the following actions:

"1. Waiting for GOT7 for unofficial schedules near JYP Centre, rehearsal studios, homes and work studios.

2. Following GOT7 (by car) to locations like the JYP Centre, rehearsal studios, homes and work studios.

3. Following GOT7 members during their personal time.

4. Following GOT7 in the airport after immigration.

5. Staying close to or initiating physical contact with members at any schedule, official or unofficial, in areas like the JYP Centre, rehearsal studios, work studios, home and airports.

6. Any fraudulent activity relating to broadcast schedules. Acts that negatively affect the entire fandom such as selling or buying attendance slots, taking photos or videos during pre-recordings or live broadcasts.

7. All issues involving safety. Running onto roads and following GOT7's car, pushing other artists or fans to take photos, etc."

The statement also especially pointed out illegal acts that violate GOT7's privacy, such as waiting in front of buildings where members are, observing for long periods of time, taking photos and videos without permission, entering spaces like parking lots without permission, staying close to or initiating contact with members in a bid to follow their personal schedules. They also pointed out it's a violation to ask a third party to help in committing these acts.

You can read a translation of the full statement here.


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