Singers who trained to be rappers, dancers who became vocalists and more!
13 May 2019 - 2:33 PM  UPDATED 13 May 2019 - 2:33 PM

In K-pop groups there are usually some clear-cut positions which each member fills; each group will have artists who are strong in dancing, vocals or rapping. With that in mind, you might assume that all idols train for the one position from their early days through to debut, but it's not always the case!

Fans have been discussing this over on Reddit, and we've chosen some groups we think would've been very different if the members hadn't switched up their positions before or just after debut.


Considering there's 13 members, it's not surprising to think some of them would've changed their focus over time. SEVENTEEN is split into three units: performance, vocal and rap. Leader S.Coups was originally slated for the vocal line but ended up a rapper, while Hoshi was originally a vocalist but moved into performance. He's now one of SEVENTEEN's main choreographers!


Luna was training to be a main dancer but was positioned as main vocalist once her singing talents were recognised. Meanwhile Amber was recruited for her vocals but ended up debuting as the group's main rapper. Now she gets to explore her vocal skills in her solo work.


Wooseok was originally hired by Cube Entertainment as a model, then became a vocalist and finally a rapper. Meanwhile both Yanan and Shiwon started off as rappers but switched to vocalists. 


Sticking with Cube Entertainment, BTOB's members went from being a band to an idol group with half of them having to learn to dance in the process. Sungjae even trained to be a rapper but has since become one of the key vocalists of the group, while Minhyuk was a vocalist who switched to rap.


Jinyoung was the rapper of duo JJ Project, but when he debuted as part of GOT7 he was moved to a vocalist position. Jackson was originally slated to be a vocalist, but switched to rap before debut.


We've had the occasional taste of Jaehyun rapping, but we mainly know him as a vocalist now. Turns out he was training to be a rapper, the opposite of fellow member Lucas, who wanted to be a singer but was positioned as a rapper instead.

Red Velvet

Seulgi is known as the group's main dancer, but when she began training at SM it was as a vocalist. It's believed she was going to be the group's main vocal until Wendy joined SM.


Exy used to be a vocalist but due to vocal cord nodules, she stepped back from singing to focus on rapping instead. She writes her own lyrics now too, and on occasion still sings.

Can you think of any other idols who changed positions before debut?


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