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15 May 2019 - 12:50 PM  UPDATED 15 May 2019 - 12:50 PM

Australian BTS fans know the struggle all too well of watching a BTS concert through their phones. We get to see the hashtags trend worldwide, devour all the fancams and hope that that sweet tour announcement is going to happen sometime soon.

But really, where would we be without all the amazing fancam footage we've seen from the Speak Yourself tour so far? We're so grateful to live in the time of mobile phones and fast video uploads.

Here's some of the most iconic moments from BTS' brand new world tour that are giving us life!

1. Jungkook having the best time

2. J-Hope ruining us all in this fit

3. JK and Suga giving the best Step Up impressions

4. Jimin crying and JK cheering him up

5. Double the Taehyung, double the power

6. J-Hope's iconic "Bapsae" move

7. JK's cute way of asking fans to hide their ARMY bombs

8. Suga's iconic "Seesaw" moves

9. Getting serious fan envy when RM took someone's phone

10. Btw this is what that footage looks like!

11. Envy continues with JK doing the same thing

12. V being the softest boy ever

13. JK clinging onto Namjoon during the "Anpanman" catwalk

14. Jin's pitch-perfect singing while ferociously dancing

15. Jimin giving 110% on the stage

16. And another of Jimin just really feeling himself

17. Follow up: RM really feeling himself

18. JK showcasing his American football skills

19. Taehyung giving a full speech in English

20. Jimin running away when all RM wants is to complete the "Anpanman" choreo

21. Also V & RM turning into little kids on the bouncy castle

22. JK flying through the sky like the angel he is

23. And finally, this collective vision of beauty

What a journey. Guess we'll go listen to Map of the Soul: Persona and keep hoping we get to see this all live someday!


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