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Show these newly debuted groups some love!
22 May 2019 - 1:25 PM  UPDATED 22 May 2019 - 1:25 PM

2019 has already given us plenty of bops, and many of them have come from brand new groups. There have been some amazingly strong debuts this year already from big names like ITZY, TXT and the forthcoming AB6IX, so we're here to remind you of the ones you might've missed - or just want to rewatch!

Tell us who your fave debut of the year has been thus far!


One of the most popular girl group debuts this year so far, EVERGLOW surprised many with the absolute bop "Bon Bon Chocolat" when they debuted on March 18.


The six-member boy group from RBW Entertainment caught attention immediately with debut single "Valkyrie" and are prepping for their first comeback already.


The boy group formed from the top nine contestants on Under 19 debuted with "Domino", a song produced and featuring Crush. They're only contracted for 12 months, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Cherry Bullet

FNC Entertainment's new girl group consists of 10 members and their January debut with "Q&A" was well-received. We can only hope for more great tracks!


A couple of the members from this group should be familiar to MIXNINE fans. The boys went for a chill R&B "Vibe" for their debut in March.


This five-member girl group from MNH Entertainment have won many fans since debuting in April with "Hocus Pocus".


The brother group to ONEUS, the five members of ONEWE are a band who just debuted in May with "Reminisce About All"


Jellyfish Entertainment's new boy group has been very busy in 2019, debuting with the 90s R&B-style "Ring Ring Ring" in January and carrying that into their first comeback with "From Now". 


Banana Culture's new boy group has some familiar faces: Jaejun debuted in C-Clown and Changhyun was a contestant on MIXNINE.


This adorable trio debuted in January with "Will You Be My Girlfriend?". They're team name means 'Members Of the National Team'.


HOT PLACE originally debuted in 2014 with 19 members! Back then they were called BADKIZ, but they've since pared down to four members and redebuted in March with "TMI".


Featuring member Hansol who debuted in the group UNB from The Unit, these boys debuted in April with the track "Tu eres".


The six-member boy group debuted in March under MSH Entertainment with the dance track "Master Key". Fun fact: one of the members (Kain) was a backup dancer on BTS' Wings tour!


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