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30 May 2019 - 11:21 AM  UPDATED 30 May 2019 - 11:21 AM

In this week's Run BTS! episode, BTS got ready to perform a mini-skit and before that they auditioned by taking on famous scenes from popular K-dramas. Check out their attempts below.

Some of them will be familiar to any K-drama fan, but there were some pretty niche choices in there too. Here's some K-dramas to add to your list and enjoy!

1. Goblin

Look, if you don't know Goblinyou should navigate away from this page and go to the first place you can stream it. A modern K-drama classic, this story of an immortal who can only die at the hands of his true love, and happens to be besties with a Grim Reaper, captured the hearts of Korean and international drama fans. Jimin does his best in the Run ep to channel Gong Yoo's infamous lines.

2. Moon Embracing The Sun

A period drama love story between a king and a shaman who was once a princess, this award-winning drama stars Kim Soo Hyun and Ha Ga In in the lead roles. V fits in perfectly with his performance, considering he's no stranger to K-dramas himself! If you haven't watched Hwarang yet, you really should.

3. Fight For My Way

Home to the frequently imitated 'aegyo' scene - which is also what RM attempts to recreate in his bit - this romance comedy drama focuses on two childhood friends, played by Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won, who are both struggling to achieve their dreams. They encourage each other, fight with each other, and naturally fall in love too.

4. Lovers In Paris

Jin's performance is from a 2004 drama, that was the first in the Lovers trilogy. Written by Kim Eun Sook, who'd go on to write classics like Secret GardenDescendants of the SunGoblin and Mr. SunshineLovers in Paris was a huge hit at the time. It's a classic rich vs poor love story with plenty of drama in the mix.

5. Kill Me, Heal Me

JK takes a turn at Ji Sung's character in this drama centred on a rich business heir with dissociative identity disorder. He tries to work through his mental health problems and the seven personalities controlling him with the help of a first-year psychiatric resident played by Oh Ri Jin, who he (of course) falls in love with.

6. Tree With Deep Roots

For the historical drama fans, J-Hope reenacts a scene from this 2011 K-drama based on the King Sejong era, when he was creating the Korean written language. A royal guard played by Jang Hyuk, investigates the murders of several scholars in a drama full of mystery, intrigue and a little bit of romance too.

7. Boys Over Flowers

The OG, the classic, the golden one that has been remade time and time again in various languages, Boys Over Flowers is THE classic gateway K-drama. Fitting that this would be given to Suga, if you think about it. This 2009 drama about a normal girl who ends up attending a private school and getting tangled in the lives of a rich boy and his friends really sets the bar for angst. 

How many of these have you seen, and how many have BTS made you want to watch now?


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