The next Japanese singer-songwriter you need to fall in love with
7 Jun 2019 - 11:46 AM  UPDATED 7 Jun 2019 - 11:46 AM

If you love singer-songwriters with powerful voices and indie style, then you need to listen to Aimyon. The 24-year-old Japanese performer has been making waves in music since her indie debut in 2015, and she's now developing into a major label star, thanks to her 2018 hit song "Marigold".

Fans of Japanese indie music will be familiar with her, but if you're new to it all, here's some fun things you need to know about Aimyon.

A YouTube video landed her her first music label deal

Aimyon grew up in a musical family: her dad was an audio engineer and her grandmother aspired to also be a singer. She made it into final audition rounds when she was in high school, but after graduating she had her big break, when a YouTube video of one of her performances was discovered by her first label, Lastrum Music Entertainment.

She's been writing lyrics for J-pop since age 20

Most famously, she wrote "Time Goes By", the third single for J-pop boy group Johnny's West. She also released both her first mini-album, Tamago and second one, Nikumarekko Yo ni Habakaru, in the same year. All when she was 20-years-old! 

Btw when it comes to collabs with Japanese artists, she's also released a song with rock legends RADWIMPS.

She's a platinum-selling artist in Japan

Aimyon's 2018 hit song "Marigold" is now certified platinum, and it's not her only certified song. Her 2017 track "Kimi wa Rock wo Kikanai" and 2018's "Let The Night" have also gone gold in Japan.

Her first No.1 song took 43 weeks to reach the top

"Marigold" was a slowburn victory for Aimyon. It was a streaming favourite and gradually climbed up the charts until it came out at No.1 on Billboard Japan's charts, 43 weeks after release. It also stayed at No.1 on Oricon's streaming charts for 20 consecutive weeks after shee performed the song on NHK's infamous New Year's Eve program Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

If you're not a fan of Aimyon yet, we think this should convince you to check her out!


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