Dispatch has reported the iKON leader allegedly attempted purchasing LSD
12 Jun 2019 - 2:22 PM  UPDATED 12 Jun 2019 - 5:05 PM

A new report from Dispatch has alleged that iKON leader B.I attempted to purchase illegal drugs in 2016.

The report claims to have KakaoTalk messages between the idol and a drug dealer, arranging the purchase of marijuana and LSD. The report also alleges that police didn't investigate the idol after arresting the drug dealer in question.

According to the report, after the dealer was arrested, their phone was searched and a conversation found with B.I, in which he allegedly said he smoked marijuana and wanted to buy LSD. The dealer in question testified to delivering LSD to iKON's dorm in Seoul in May 2016. The police did not investigate the idol at that time.

Police have stated that in a later investigation, the dealer changed their testimony and said: "It is true that B.I asked for the drug, but I did not actually obtain any for him".

Soompi has translated some of the conversations reported by Dispatch, including below:

B.I: I want to use that [LSD] forever. Is it strong?

A: L (LSD) is a top-grade drug in Korea.

B.I: No, not that, haha. The strength of the drug.

A: I’m saying the drug itself is strong too.

B.I: Can I get as many as I want?

A: Yeah.

B.I: Should I get three? I have to save money. Can’t I get a discount if you buy it?

A: No, but once you try L, weed will seem like a joke to you. That’s how you get to cocaine. Then you’ll really get in trouble.

B.I: Haha, I won’t. I’m doing it because I want to be become a genius.

A: You’ll end up like OOO, haha.

B.I: I’m going to stick to one my whole life. To be honest, I XXXXing want to use it everyday, but XXXX, it’s expensive.

B.I: But when you take L does it do that? Seeing things like graphics and seeing illusions and everything?

You can read further translations of the alleged messages here.

YG Entertainment have denied any involvement and told Dispatch: "YG strictly manages the drug use of our artists. B.I has no relation to the drug case in 2016. YG purchases a basic drug test kit every two months from the US and performs a drug test. iKON underwent a urine examination too ahead of their promotions. Including B.I, none of the members tested positive.

"[The dealer] mentioned B.I's name in their police investigation to reduce the weight of their crime. We saw the testimony, and we met with them in the company to ask them to correct their testimony. That is why they changed their words in the third investigation".


UPDATE: B.I has announced his departure from iKON. Read more here.


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