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A night to remember!
17 Jun 2019 - 11:21 AM  UPDATED 17 Jun 2019 - 11:21 AM

BLACKPINK just wrapped up their huge BLACKPINK In Your Area tour with a show in Sydney on Saturday 15 June 2019 and anyone in the arena that evening knows that it was an unforgettable night.

From the setlist packed with hits to the costume changes, dance moves and fan service, the four members - Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa - captivated the audience with their charm and talent.

We could spend hours reminiscing on what we saw at Qudos Bank Arena on Saturday night, but we're going to stick to the things we know we won't forget.

1. Every song banged

From the second BLACKPINK appeared on stage and the familiar strains of "DDU-DU DDU-DU" blasted out, the audience roared and the girls appeared in poised perfect formation. BLACKPINK are known for the irrepressible energy in their music, and watching them absolutely nail performances of hits like "Forever Young", "Kill This Love" and "Don't Know What To Do" was overwhelmingly fun.

Not only were the girls dominating on vocals, every dance move was executed with fire and they looked like they were genuinely having the best night of their lives.

2. BLINKs gave it their all

Speaking of feeling, BLINKs gave so much at this concert. A sea of lightsticks glowed pink through the arena, packed with fans who sang along passionately. Even before the concert, fans gathered to cover the girl group's dances and randomly burst into song.


During the show, there wasn't a second where fans weren't channeling pure love towards the girls on stage, including when they began chanting with deafening loudness "We love you!" to the group, while Jennie counteracted by chanting back, "we love you more" on repeat.

3. Solo performances that blew us away

Solo stages are such a great opportunity for artists to showcase their individual strengths, and each BLACKPINK member knows exactly how to reel the audience in with their performances. Rosé gave us a four-song medley that included a resonating "Coming Home", Lisa set the stage on fire with her dance to "Take Me" and "Swalla", we all swooned for Jisoo's vocals on "Clarity" and Jennie dominated the stage with her smash-hit "Solo".

What those solo stages prove is how valuable each member is to BLACKPINK as a whole, and how diverse their talents are.

4. That fan service tho

What is a K-pop concert without fan service? And wow did BLACKPINK give us plenty of memorable moments. Jisoo cutely asking fans to put down their lightsticks then making us visibly melt with her adorable scolding when people didn't follow her instructions was a highlight, as were all the couple moments between different members (we know there's plenty of fancams you can find of those!). 

The girls even donned angel wings and halos for part of their encore, and moved around the stage to spend time interacting with fans, answering their shouts and letting them take photos (we're still jealous of whoever's phone Jennie picked up for a selfie!). The joy on their faces was absolutely reflecting that of fans watching it all happen.

5. Aussie Aussie Aussie

We've been to a lot of K-pop concerts in Sydney, but we think it must've been Rosé's presence that caused the fans to break into repeated refrains of "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Oy Oy" at different points of the night. Don't worry though, Rosé did it herself on stage before encouraging Lisa to do the same - and it was spot on!

There was definitely a feeling of homecoming in the air both for Rosé and Jennie, with the latter talking about how she couldn't have dreamed of performing in Sydney after living so close by in New Zealand some 10 years ago.

6. An arena on their feet

While people may have started off sitting, by the end of the show almost everyone was on their feet. The double-hitter of "BOOMBAYAH" and "As If It's Your Last" to close (before the encore) had the entire arena dancing.

Not only were the girls dominating on vocals, every dance move was executed with fire and they looked like they were genuinely having the best night of their lives. Rosé's excited vocals leading to the drop on "As If It's Your Last" were especially euphoric, in an infectious way that made you absolutely want to get jumping.

7. Bittersweet finale vibes

The girls did a special encore ending on a repeat performance of "Stay", after speaking about the end of their tour and how they really wanted to stay on stage. There was a bittersweet feeling in the air, and we were almost close to shedding tears, thinking of how far BLACKPINK have come from debut til now.

These four girls work so hard, put all their efforts into being entertaining performers on the stage, and it was really a pleasure to share the evening with their talents and music, and especially BLINKs.

Did you see BLACKPINK in Australia? Share your memories with us!


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