If you aren't a fan yet, here's the songs that'll change that
26 Jun 2019 - 1:20 PM  UPDATED 26 Jun 2019 - 1:20 PM

Epik High have been making music since 2003, combining different styles of hip-hop and pop music throughout their rich discography. They're basically legends of the Korean music scene, with plenty of world tours and awards under their belts too.

Considering they have nine studio albums and two EPs (among many other releases), we get how it'd be hard to find an in for their music. They've done everything from OST ballads to classic hip-hop to big name collaborations with some of your fave K-pop artists.

If you're new to Epik High and wondering what they're all about, here's some songs to get you started.

1. "Love Love Love"

This is some pure 2007 K-pop glory very reminiscent of the most popular songs of the time. The phone key sounds being used as the opening rhythm for the song may actually be genius.

2. "One"

Taking you right back to 2008 and Epik High's more pop style tracks, there's an edge of electronica in this classic featuring Jisun that still gets people moving.

3. "Map The Soul"

Epik High's first venture until their independent label, this track in particular is addictive with its chill percussion melding with the intensely personal lyrics.

4. "Rich"

This was Epik High's first song to crack the Korean Gaon Digital Chart's top 10, helped by their collaboration with BIGBANG member Taeyang.

5. "Wannabe" 

Welcome to one of the most ridiculous Epik High music videos matched to one of their most banging songs. It's the closest they've gotten to full blown club music.

6. "We Fight Ourselves"

Technically their highest selling single in South Korea, this track is taken from 2014's Shoebox album.

7. "No Thanxxx"

Featuring WINNER's MINO, Simon Dominic and The Quiett, this song is the perfect example of Epik High leaning into their classic hip-hop style.

8. "Don't Hate Me"

Taken from Epik High's first release under YG Entertainment, there's a definite YG vibe to the song. The group have said the lyrics mean that even if the world hates you, if there's one person who loves you, life is infinitely better.


9. "Born Hater"

This bro-fest of rappers is a great meeting between industry stalwarts like Verbal Jint and Epik High with the freshmen at the time: MINO, iKON's B.I and Bobby, plus Beenzino.

10. "Spoiler" + "Happen Ending"

The title tracks from Shoebox sent the album to No.1 on Billboard's World Albums chart. You can even spot BLACKPINK's Jisoo pre-debut in the music video.

11. "Home Is Far Away"

After a three-year hiatus, Epik High returned with this track featuring Oh Hyuk from HYUKOH. It was made all the more meaningful considering the lyrics that relate missing a taxi to missing the chance to follow your dreams quickly.

12. "Lovedrunk"

One of their many collaborations with Crush, this recent track features IU in the music video. The album is also the namesake for their current tour - heading to Australia soon!

Epik High will be in Australia soon for their first-ever shows here, find out more about dates and tickets here


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