We're halfway through the year already!
2 Jul 2019 - 1:33 PM  UPDATED 2 Jul 2019 - 1:35 PM

We've hit the halfway mark with 2019, and it feels like time is just flying by with so many incredible K-pop releases already!

That got us thinking, what are some of the songs from the first half of 2019 that are already in the running to be the biggest song of the year? There's the tracks that took off in South Korea like N.Flying's "Rooftop", alongside bonafide worldwide hits like BTS' record-breaking "Boy With Luv", and so much more.

Here's just some of the songs we think would be deserving winners of SOTY come the end of 2019. What tracks would you add to the list?

1. BTS: "Boy With Luv"

Do we even have to explain why this song is the biggest track of 2019 already? Breaking records globally and taking BTS to new heights, the song has even earned 21 wins on Korean music shows.

2. BLACKPINK: "Kill This Love"

A song that has penetrated the mainstream like few other K-pop songs have been able to, "Kill This Love"'s memorable horn chorus gets stuck in your head along with its choreo. That's K-pop SOTY material right there.

3. N.Flying: "Rooftop"

Who doesn't love a sleeper hit? This track went from fading into obscurity to the top of the charts thanks to passionate fans who got it to the general public's ears.

4. Chungha: "Gotta Go"

One of the most promising solo artists in K-pop right now, Chungha just keeps outdoing herself with each comeback. From vocals to choreography and style, she's owning it like no one else.

5. ITZY: "Dalla Dalla"

JYP's new girl group has only released one title track so far and it's already one of the most popular songs of the year. Still getting high streaming numbers in South Korea, this is the girl group track that's persisting on the charts months after debut.

6. CLC: "NO"

With every comeback, CLC prove their talents have no bounds as they conquer every concept that comes their way. "NO" is the girl power anthem of 2019, without a doubt.

7. NCT 127: "Superhuman" 

NCT 127 have been working hard to get their name out internationally in the last year, after all they have big shoes to fill when it comes to SM Entertainment boy groups. "Superhuman" perfectly melds the best elements of SM-style K-pop to make something entirely new - pretty fitting for NCT themselves.

8. Apink: "%%"

Apink started the year off strong with this track, and quickly placed themselves as one of the top girl groups of the year.


9. Stray Kids: "MIROH"

The JYP boy group are truly doing something different in the K-pop world: there's aggression, passion and a youthful optimism attached to their music that has them poised to take over globally. "MIROH"'s message of conquering obstacles is relatable to anyone trying to win at life.


10. ATEEZ: "Say My Name"

They've earned the monster rookies nickname for a reason; ATEEZ are an instantly memorable group. Their dancing is faultless, their aesthetic is boundless and the track "Say My Name" gives space for individual members to shine within the whole.

11. TWICE: "Fancy"

TWICE can do no wrong and we all know this. "Fancy" saw the group go for a more mature sound and look, and they nailed it as they always do. Another classic JYP earworm to keep you on repeat listens all year long.


This track has been a huge hit for SEVENTEEN and with good reason: despite being mid-tempo, its minimalism subverts a listener's expectations - it drops when you expect it to lift and vice versa. It's a song that keeps you coming back for more.


Taemin continues his journey of being K-pop's most sensual idol with another stunningly choreographed sultry number. 

14. MONSTA X: "Alligator"

MONSTA X have been perfecting their aggressive yet accessible style of music for some time now, and "Alligator" is the perfect encapsulation of that aesthetic. It showcases each member's strengths and commits to their particular kind of EDM pop.

15. Epik High: "Lovedrunk"

This song has a way of sinking into your bones with each listen. Crush's vocals are the perfect match for the music and Epik High's rapping. We can't ignore the incredible music video starring IU either.

16. Sunmi: Noir

Tongue-in-cheek, subtle and mesmerising: that's just some of the qualities "Noir" possesses. The track hooks you in and the music video seals the deal.

17. fromis_9: FUN!

Will someone please give fromis_9 the respect they deserve. This song is the perfect encapsulation of the electro-pop K-pop is renowned for. Bright and effervescent, it lives up to its title of FUN!

What songs would you add to this list?


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