What to do when every member is super talented??
11 Jul 2019 - 1:10 PM  UPDATED 11 Jul 2019 - 1:10 PM

We already know how immensely talented EXO are as a collective, and that's definitely thanks to them all being superbly gifted individual performers too. With two members now in the military (we miss you Xiumin and D.O!) and the likelihood of more of them entering soon, many of the other EXO members have chosen to go solo.

But Baekhyun and Chen's 2019 solo debuts aren't the only solo projects among the members. All of them have worked on interesting individual tracks outside of the group, and we're here to remind you of some of the best ones from each of them.

1. Chen: Beautiful Goodbye

King of ballads! We all knew when Chen announced a solo debut, he'd go down a heartfelt ballad route, showcasing his stellar vocals and making us all swoon.

2. Baekhyun: UN Village

The sexy solo debut we all need and deserve; Baekhyun took the path of sultry K-R&B that's so popular at the moment and it suits him perfectly.

3. Lay: Sheep

Lay has been truly prolific as a solo artist, with his sights set on China, the USA, and then the world. His path to global domination is paved with hit songs, and "Sheep" has helped in that thanks to its catchy refrain and Lay's overarching statement: "I'm the lead sheep in China".

4. Suho: Dinner

EXO's leader has dabbled in solo songs, musical theatre and drama acting in his individual work. His collaboration with Jang Jae In for SM STATION is a stand-out solo release.

5. Chanyeol: SSFW

It's pretty hard to choose a Chanyeol solo track. From his collab with Punch for Goblin OST mega-hit "Stay With Me" through to his rap cameo on Far East Movement's "Freal Luv", he's proven his versatility in rap and vocals. But we can't pass up mentioning his recent SM STATION solo (and we'll be awaiting EXO-SC impatiently!)

6. D.O.: It's Okay

Released on the day Kyungsoo entered the military, this simple acoustic track is so fitting for the vocal powerhouse. It lets us bask in his voice with no distractions, and maybe shed a tear or two while we wait for his return.

7. Sehun: GO

If you haven't seen Sehun's solo stage from EXO PLANET #4: The ElyXiOn... well you're in for a surprise. Sehun co-produced the track and wrote the lyrics for this smooth track, the choreography of which definitely leaves an impression.

8. Kai: I SEE YOU

Kai has always been lauded as the dancing king of EXO and his solo from the EXO PLANET #4: The ElyXiOn stands out for exactly that reason. He was one of the four choreographers of his dance solo for this new track and as always, he's captivating to watch.

9. Xiumin: Young & Free

This catchy collab with NCT's Mark is so buoyant and joyful, it's impossible not to bop along! Somehow it's the perfect combo to have the fake maknae of EXO and NCT's all-rounder on a track together - you can't even tell there's a 9-year difference between them!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to EXO solo tracks! Tell us, what's your fave solo song by an EXO member?


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