Catch up on some of the biggest hits on the Japanese charts right now
14 Aug 2019 - 11:35 AM  UPDATED 14 Aug 2019 - 11:35 AM

There's been some big releases in J-pop already this year, from Aimyon becoming a streaming mainstay to Arashi crushing records with their best-of compilation release.

Every week there's something exciting to check out, and the charts are full of songs at the moment that won't be budging from the top spots anytime soon.

Here's some of the recent J-pop releases that have been stuck in our heads. What's your fave?

1. Official Hige Dandism: Pretender

Okay, this song was released a few months ago BUT it's been on the Japanese Billboard charts for 16 weeks now! It's yet to drop out of the top 10, and it peaked at No.2, so it's clearly stuck in everyone's head.

2. THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE: Welcome 2 Paradise

Everything to do with EXILE TRIBE is bound to be a hit, but THE RAMPAGE really have been forging a path as the group with bangers, and this summer tune is no exception.

3. RADWIMPS: Ai Ni Dekiru Koto Ha Mada Arukai?

Is it even a J-pop list if RADWIMPS doesn't feature once? The group are about to have a massive year, if their upcoming releases are anything to go by, and this track has been hanging out on the Billboard Japan charts for four weeks already.

4. Kenshi Yonezu: Paprika

The original version of this song was performed by Foorin, a group of elementary school students, with the music and lyrics by Yonezu. He's since released an animated MV for his version of the song, and you bet it's got the original version skyrocketing up the J-pop charts!

5. SKE48: Frustration

SKE48 are back with another song that'll undoubtedly linger on the charts for the rest of the year. It's already into its third week in Billboard Japan's top 20.

6. King Gnu: Hakujitsu

The theme song for J-drama Innocence - Enzai Bengoshi has been a hit for this rock band since release, with it never leaving the charts since first appearing in February.

7. E-Girls: Cinderella Fit

For a dose of EDM pop, there's no better option than this track - which was actually used as a theme song for a tapioca milk tea ad in Japan that also features the girls!

What other recent releases have you been loving?