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23 Aug 2019 - 2:34 PM  UPDATED 26 Aug 2019 - 9:57 AM

GOT7 touched down in Australia this week to perform two concerts as part of their Keep Spinning World Tour, and the K-pop boy group's first stop was at Sydney's Qudos Bank Arena on Thursday 22 August, 2019.

Among a sea of green Aghase lightsticks, we got to watch the seven members give their all on songs both old and new, and bring that signature charm and joy that GOT7 is so well known for. There were a lot of moments that left us with our jaws on the floor, and if you were in the audience, you definitely know what we mean!

Here's just some of the unforgettable things we got to witness while at GOT7's Sydney show...

1. Solo stages like no other

Where to even begin with the solo stages? From vocal powerhouse Youngjae to the sensual blindfold-made-gag R&B slickness of leader JB, each special stage was something you couldn't have predicted. We go to see Yugyeom and Jinyoung dance together with equal fierceness, and the 'AmeriThaiKong' boys - Mark, Jackson and BamBam - brought swagger and energy with their rap performance too. By the end of the solos, all jaws were wide open, we don't doubt it for a second!

2. Classic tracks get made new

Any old school GOT7 fan hopes to hear the big hits when they go to their show, but with such a massive discography, you can never predict what songs they might choose to perform. So imagine our joy and surprise when they got into formation for "Stop Stop It", transforming it into a thumping bass-dance track, or when they excitedly began performing "A" towards the end of the night! Another highlight was seeing the boys have free-spirited fun on the B-stage while performing arguably their biggest song ever, "Just Right", throwing us right back.

3. The comedy value

GOT7 are such professional performers, you almost forget that they're also hilarious. Considering how long they've been together, they know each other inside out and it shows in the way they casually roast each other, and how many inside jokes they have. From getting into JB's face until he burst into laughter mid-song, or just the classic repeated 'easyyyy' from Yugyeom and BamBam, there's so many moments that had us laughing along with them. It made the concert feel less like an arena full of strangers and more like a cosy home with friends.

4. Vocals on point

Sometimes at concerts it can feel like the backing track is overwhelming the vocalists, but there was no denying how incredibly LIVE the vocals were at GOT7's show. While all the members showcased their vocal chops, Youngjae truly shone as a vocalist all evening. Watching him give his all with every single vocal run had our mouths wide open with awe and delight.

5. Choreography straight out of the MVs

GOT7 have some pretty intricate choreography: just think of the speedy footwork in Lullaby or the perfectly arranged moves of Eclipse. Yet there wasn't a moment where they didn't hit the mark, singing and dancing in perfect synchronicity, to deliver stages that were mesmerising to watch.

Were you at GOT7's Sydney show? Tell us what your favourite part was!


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